Mindfulness for Flare Ups



Managing flare-ups

Flare-ups are part of many different health conditions. From EDS to back pain, eczema to autoimmune conditions, crohn’s disease to arthritis; flare-ups can appear at any time and make getting on with life difficult.

Doctors can often help with the practical side of things but people rarely talk about the emotional challenge of having your life tipped sideways on a regular basis. This is why we’ve created Mindfulness for Flare-ups.

Building emotional resilience

Building emotional resilience against flare-ups can help make it easier to get on with enjoying life when the next flare-up comes around. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to build emotional resilience by increasing activity in the areas of the brain responsible for emotional self-regulation.

This course teaches mindfulness meditation, focussed on dealing with different parts of experiencing a flare-up from intrusive symptoms to feeling overwhelmed.

Made by people who experience flare-ups

The course was written and recorded by Georgia Bondy (sometimes known as George Lou Bon). Georgia lives with flare-ups caused by Multiple Sclerosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The course has been improved by user testers who also experience a range of different flare-ups. Georgia is also a qualified meditation instructor with an MSci in Brain, Behaviour & Cognition (and chemistry).

Course contents

  • The course teaches you mindfulness meditation over 7x exercises that are roughly 10 minutes long.
  • Each exercise is focussed on a different topic relating to flare-ups.
  • You can do the exercises at any time, any your own pace.
  • With lifetime access, you can repeat the exercises as many times as you’d like.

Try for free now

The first exercise of the course is available now, for free. Just select a format in the quiz below and the option to try for free will appear. No card details are needed until you’re ready to buy the full course.

How much is the full course?

Between £15-20.

The course is priced on a sliding scale to make sure it’s affordable for as many people as possible. Feel free to pick the lowest price if you need to, no proof of income is necessary. Likewise, if you can afford it, choosing the higher price allows us to keep offering discounts to the people that need it.

When is the Sign Language version available?

The British Sign Language (BSL) version of the course will be released in the first half of 2023. Please use our contact form to express interest in other sign language versions.


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