On each course page, there is a customisation quiz that needs to be completed. Once you have selected a version of the course, a list of exercises will appear below. If a course has a free trial, on the right of the first exercise is a ‘Free Trial’ button.

We aim to launch the pre-order courses on February 28th 2023

Yes! We will release a BSL version of ‘Mindfulness for Flare-Ups’ in the first half of 2023. 

Please send us a message with details on our contact form. We love to hear from our users, it helps us understand which content would be most beneficial.
We will publish a detailed list of adaptions prior to the launch of the platform. The amount and variety of content will grow over time. That means that even if your disability, health condition, learning or physical difference, isn’t included in the initial launch, it may be included in the future.
Yes! Please see our accessibility page for more details.

Just fill in your details in the form linked below and we’ll get in touch when we need participants.