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lABLEd Podcast interview with Well Adapt’s Founder

Join hosts Alice Evans and Lucy Wood in a compelling episode of The LABLEd Podcast as they sit down with a true trailblazer in the realm of inclusive health and wellness, Georgia Bondy. In this enlightening conversation, we dive deep into the mission and vision behind “Well Adapt,” an innovative company committed to bridging the […]

In Our Bodies Podcast Interviews Well Adapt Founder

In Our Bodies is a podcast made by and for people of colour who identify as disabled, chronically ill and or neurodivergent. But honestly medical identifiers aside, if you’ve ever felt like your body or your brain just doesn’t work how it’s “supposed to”, this podcast celebrates you. Every episode we invite guests to talk […]

Well Adapt Founder, Georgia Bondy Wins Young Innovator Award

This year, 94 Young Innovator Awards winners were selected from hundreds of applicants. The winners are tackling some of our most pressing environmental, economic and societal challenges. The range and scope of their ideas is truly impressive. Use the button below to find out more about the individual winners, their business and how the Young […]